Firemen carry out amazing rescue of a dog lost in a drain

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Firemen have carried out an amazing rescue of a dog who was washed underground in a drain in the bad weather.

Pelle, the black labrador was swept away by the floods into the drain, after a severe storm on Lawndhurst Avenue, Northern Moor.

Pelle survived being washed away

But residents heard barking below ground 150 yards away and called the Fire Brigade.

They managed to open a manhole cover and reached Pelle.

A spokesman for Trafford Fire Service said:”The crews turned up and they managed to rescue the dog. Pelle is doing well with just a cut to his paw. He had an amazing escape. He is very lucky dog.”

Pelle 's journey underground
Pelle ‘s journey underground

Pelle was later re-united with his owners, and Trafford Fire Service released a map tracing the route of his incredible journey underground.

The area was hit by torrential rain which caused localised flooding.

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