New Sale author launches first children’s book

Stuart and Izzy Rowson

A new author from Sale has launched his first in a series of children’s books inspired by his daughter.

Stuart Rowson, 45, is creating a trilogy of adventure novels, beginning with Izzy and the Tumble Thunder.

The books portray the challenges, worries and anxieties that children, especially young girls, face growing up these days with the main character Izzy, named after Stuart’s own daughter, showing how to successfully overcome them.

The series has been snapped up by new publisher Whalebone, a subsidiary of The Book Writers Resource.

The coming-of-age story focuses on a young girl called Izzy, who lives with her mum in a clock shop in London, plagued by visions of her missing dad. 

After discovering a magical time-travelling device called a Tumble Thunder and a note on her 13th birthday, she is convinced is from her dad and that she must travel back through history to complete the quest to find him and realise her own destiny – all the while being hunted by an evil character from the future called the Time Shadow.

Stuart Rowson posing with his first children’s book, ‘Izzy and the Tumble Thunder’

Stuart said: “It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to write a novel as I’ve always loved writing, but my main inspiration came after reading all seven of the Harry Potter books to my daughter at bedtime over the course of three years.

“The idea was to write a book to give to my daughter for her 13th birthday, so I was keen to ensure it did two things: deliver a strong female character who was an anti-hero in the modern world and to give young girls a role model who wasn’t worried about fitting in or what she looked like in a selfie.

“The original idea morphed and twisted over time to become Izzy and the Tumble Thunder, and I named the main character after my daughter. Not wanting to leave Izzy’s two older brothers out, Danny and Charlie got a village named after them called Great Chardan. That’ll do them as they’re grown-ups now!

“My hope is that it teaches children to stand up for themselves and others, that it’s okay to not fit in, and to be happy being themselves.”

The sequel, Izzy and the Time Shadow, is already in the works and will be launched in 2023. Part three of the trilogy will be launched after that.

Izzy and the Tumble Thunder is available now via and via Amazon.

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