Sale’s Mustard Diner closes after six years on Northenden Road

Mustard Sale Diner has closed

Mustard Sale, a burger restaurant and diner on Northenden Road has closed its doors. 

According to reports, the diner closed yesterday (8th November) and this morning, the restaurant frontage shows the Mustard name has been painted over and windows have been whitewashed.  

The restaurant was opened in 2016 by husband and wife team Gavin and Jane Gosnell, who went on to open a second Mustard site in Altrincham in 2020.

The neighbourhood diner served a range of burgers, hot dogs, wings and some vegan options.

The closure of the Sale diner appears to have taken some local businesses by surprise, with some having to find alternative arrangements to run pre-booked events. Just last week Mustard Sale was actively promoting a long-planned quiz, due to take place tomorrow (10th November), but all mention of this has now been removed from their social media accounts. 

At the time of writing, Mustard Altrincham remains active on social media and the restaurant remains open. 

As yet, we are unaware of the exact reasons for the diner’s closure. Sale Today has reached out to Mustard for comment. This article will be updated if one is received. 

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