Why did the sky over Sale (and the rest of the NW) look like this..? Blame it on the Sahara

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Skies over Sale turned yellow and pink this morning giving a surreal start to the week.

The sky became a deep brown and orange, and the sun turned red – or disappeared behind the swirls of sand in the sky.

Our headline photo was taken at 9 am this morning as the sky began to turn orange, after what had been a clear sunny start to the day.

This image was taken by Gaynor Kendall from Sale Moor who used her mini Nikon camera

Gaynor Kendall from Sale Moor, took this beautifully eerie picture yesterday. She said: “It was taken with my little Nikon digital camera I just happened to have it with me.” Great framing Gaynor.

The explanation can be found in the African Sahara Desert, where winds created by Hurricane Ophelia, carried sand and dust – along with smoke from forest fires in Spain and Portugal – up high into the atmosphere.

Meanwhile we have escaped the worse of the tail of  ex-Hurricane Ophelia, although there remains  a yellow weather warning in place until midnight tonight for high winds in the Greater Manchester area.

Sadly Ophelia has so far caused three deaths in Ireland which has had the storm travelling over it for the last 24 hours.

*Did you capture a image of the sun today.  If so please send it to Sale Today via email to sale@hyperlocaltoday.co.uk

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