Sale Grammar moves into the top 100 schools in the country – and is 10th best in the North West

Sale Grammar
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Sale Grammar School has been ranked 97th in the latest  national school league tables and are in the top ten schools in the whole North West.

The Sunday Times and The Times  school league tables are the first indicators of how schools have performed in the summer exams, and were eagerly anticipated after the introduction of new marking schemes for GCSE and of what are called linear A levels, where exams are set after two years without AS levels in the intervening year.

Trafford schools have taken several places in the top 100 schools nationally and dominate the North West league table.

Altrincham Girls Grammar School, who have scores of pupils from the Sale area, were named the National Secondary State School of the Year by the newspaper.

AGGS is ranked 6th nationally for their results(up from 11th place last year) and were top of the table the whole of the North West. Parent Power, who process the lists said that it’s academic gains last year were “massive”


Regional rank School name Town A-level A*- B (%) GCSE A*/A (%) 2017 national rank 2016 national rank
1 Altrincham Grammar School for Girls Altrincham 92.7 86.0 6 11
2 The Blue Coat School Liverpool 86.0 79.0 18                         30
3 Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Altrincham 80.2 71.5 36 50
4 Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School Lancaster 73.2 80.5 45= 82
5 Wirral Grammar School for Girls Bebington 79.0 59.5 62 53
6 Loreto Grammar School Altrincham 69.9 74.1 75 66
7 The King David High School, Manchester Manchester 78.7 53.3 80 83
8 St Ambrose College Altrincham 75.0 56.4 91 129
9 Lancaster Royal Grammar School Lancaster 70.3 63.7 96 48
10 Sale Grammar School Sale 67.5 62.6 97 72

 Alastair McCall  of Parent Power said: “Altrincham Girls’ Grammar is one the highest-achieving girls’ schools in Britain. It turns out young women who go on to achieve in many walks in life, set on their way by an outstanding education which allows them to think for themselves and approach university and the world of work with full confidence in their abilities.”

Sale Grammar increased their number of pupils gaining A*/9/8 at GCSE from 21.9 % to 29.4% this year. And while their number of As or new Grade 7s, dropped slightly on last year’s figure the school was ranked 81st overall nationally for GCSEs with 62.6% of pupils achieving A*/A/8/7.

Just over ten percent of pupils gained A*s at A level, 28% As and 67% A*s to B.  Overall they were ranked 146th for A levels nationally, giving them a final place of 97th when both GCSE and A levels scores were combined.

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