Drivers trying to break recycling centre rules are turned away

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S taff at a recycling centre in Altrincham turned away drivers who tried to break the rules on disposing of household waste today.

Most users observed restrictions which allowed only cars with registration plates ending with even numbers to access the site on Woodhouse Lane, off Sinderland Road, on the first day after reopening.

Several vehicles with odd numbers – permitted to use the tip tomorrow – failed in their attempt to flout the instructions while staff enforced a strict policy of bagged general waste only for disposal.

That rule meant some drivers had to turn back after trying to dispense with items such as cardboard, suitcases and electrical items, including a vacuum.

The queue at Altrincham recycling centre this morning.

More than 40 cars were in the queue when the gates opened at 8 am with the first arrival an hour beforehand. The centre, operated by Suez, was only open to Trafford residents required to show proof of address.

A traffic control system was working smoothly with social distancing measures in place. Only a handful of cars were allowed on to the site at any one time. Vans were not allowed, even if under the two-metre height barrier and the site is currently unable to recycle waste.

Meanwhile, the recycling centre on Chester Road, Stretford, remains shut because of Covid-19.

Chester Road tip which is still closed.

One Sale resident said: “They had to open the refuse centres to stop fly tipping. I got here half an hour early because I thought the queues would be long.”

Another said: “I’ve been struggling in the last few weeks because I’ve had so much rubbish and didn’t know where to put it. My car is loaded with about 10 bags of household waste. I’ve got three kids at home and must admit the lockdown is getting monotonous.”

The Altrincham recycling centre.

The access system means car number plates ending with even numbers are allowed on certain days; number plates ending with odd numbers can use the facility on other dates. The dates are:

Week 1

Even – May 2, 4, 6,8  Odd – May 3,5, 7

Week 2

Even – May 9, 11, 15 Odd – May 10, 12,13, 14

Residents should visit for the latest information.

The moment the tip reopened this morning for the first time in five weeks.

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