Skies over Sale almost empty of planes

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I t’s a rare sight in Sale these days…a plane going overhead.

Aer Lingus flight EI9018 was visible at lunchtime on a 5,000-mile journey from Dublin to Beijing.

Cloudless skies are a welcome sight at any time in south Manchester but it is unusual to see them so empty of vapour trails.

Quiet times at Manchester Airport.

Planes are only spotted going over Sale infrequently because of the widespread lockdown.

Normally the roar of jet engines can be heard on the flight path in and out of Manchester Airport but the skies are relatively silent at present apart from birds singing.

Passenger numbers at Manchester Airport have dropped from 80,000 a day to around 500. Just one runway and one terminal are in use.

A rare sight ….a plane over Sale. Aer Lingus Flight EI9018.
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