Parking ban at Sale Water Park lifted as lockdown eases

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A ban on parking near a popular Sale beauty spot has been lifted following changes in Covid-19 guidelines.

Drivers were prevented from parking at Sale Water Park during lockdown when people were told they could only exercise locally.

Visitors tried to get round the ban on access to Rifle Road by parking under the M60 motorway bridge and Old Hall Road which leads to Sale Moor.

That led Trafford Council to enforce a temporary prohibition of waiting notice on the stretch of road, although some persistent drivers then ignored that instruction by leaving cars on Dane Road.

Sale Water Park which is a popular beauty spot.

TfGM also shut the park and ride facility serving the Sale Water Park Metrolink tram stop.

Now, however, parking restrictions have been lifted after the government relaxed lockdown rules allowing people to travel further afield to exercise.

Sale Water Park remained open throughout lockdown although water sports have not been held and the Boathouse Restaurant has been shut, along with the nearby Jackson’s Boat pub by the River Mersey.

Sale Water Park attracts lots of visitors each day and its lake was created when gravel was extracted to build the adjoining motorway in the 1970s.

Rifle Road which has reopened.

The park and ride for the Sale Water Park tram stop.
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