When swanning around in Sale shows the beauty of nature

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W alkers on the Bridgewater Canal in Sale have been enjoying one of the joys of nature…swans with their new cygnets.

Carrie Boyd’s two children Calel (7) and Ivy (3) have been watching out for the arrival of the new babies, wondering when the eggs would hatch.

Their daily visits were rewarded today as Sale’s newest canal creatures finally made their appearance into the world in the town centre.

The swans are a familiar sight along the canal towpath which is frequented by walkers and cyclists.

The sight of nature at work provided a treat for those enjoying a leisurely stroll along the canal.

Breeding time for a swan is between late April and June when it can take advantage of readily available food supplies.

Within 24 hours of hatching, cygnets are able to leave the nest and soon after are able to swim and dive under water. The cygnets sometimes ride on their parents’ backs and remain with the adult birds for four or five months.

Pictures and video courtesy of Carrie Boyd.

A swan and her cygnets.
Hitching a ride…a swan takes care of her cygnets.
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