Souvenir tribute to the Superheroes of Sale

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It’s the ultimate souvenir of lockdown – a framed picture of the Superheroes of Sale.

The likes of Captain America, Spiderman, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have been strutting their stuff through the streets of Sale for almost two months.

Now their superhuman endeavours have been captured in a print, providing a lasting memento of how we all coped during Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

The Superheroes of Sale framed picture.

The image was the idea of Alistair Gray, from Sale, whose Salford-based picture framing company Art Imaging Ltd  handled the art work free of charge as its gesture towards the Superheroes’ fundraising.

Posters are £15 and all proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House Charities. The photographs were taken by Ray Kearney.

Alistair said: “I’ve seen a few of the Superheroes while I’ve been out running myself and although I can’t run like them, I decided it’d be a good idea to use my talents to help their fundraising.”

Framed posters are available from


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