Space Station and shooting star light up sky over Sale

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T he sky at night provided Sale star gazers with a double treat last night – the International Space Station and a shooting star!

Paul Kennedy, who lives near Norris Road, captured the space station just before midnight using a Star Tracer app on his camera phone.

The International Space Station over Sale last night. Photographed by Paul Kennedy using a Star Chaser app.

However, a shooting star a few seconds later caught him by surprise. Paul said: “The shooting star was that fast and unexpected I didn’t have my phone ready.” Paul shared his photographs on the popular M33 Facebook page.

Clear skies provided perfect viewing conditions for the space station and if there is another cloudless night tonight observers will get another sighting.

The UK photographed from the ISS in the last few weeks.

The ISS is due to pass over at 10.07 pm during its orbit of the earth this evening. It travels from west to east and will be visible for a few minutes with the naked eye, weather permitting.

Another visit is timed for 11.45 pm and there will be another excellent viewing at 10.57 pm tomorrow (Wed May 27) if skies are clear.

The ISS is the size of two football pitches and takes 92 minutes to orbit the earth at an altitude of 250 miles. It travels at 17,150 miles an hour.

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