Trafford Moving: Share your views

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Residents in Sale and across the whole of Trafford are being asked their views on the best ways to get the borough moving.

Trafford Council would like to support more people in Trafford to be physically active. To do this, they want you to share your thoughts on a number of questions concerning physical activity in the area. 

The Trafford Moving Partnership, a group set up by the Council to get people moving more often, is refreshing the borough’s physical activity strategy and wants to know what you think through public consultation.

The consultation includes a number of questions about how much physical activity people do and about what they like to do. The information gathered will be used to help improve health and wellbeing opportunities and support.

The results will also improve mental health, address health and social inequalities and promote physical activity across communities. 

Your views are important, so please take a couple of minutes to have your say in the online survey

Cllr Liz Patel, Trafford Council’s executive member for culture and leisure, said: “This consultation is really important as physical activity is key to good health and wellbeing. We want to ensure everyone has the support they need to encourage them to get moving more often. Whether you’re not very active at all, do a daily walk with the dog or like to run a 10k I would encourage everyone to please take the time to take part in the consultation – the results will help us identify who and where we can help.”

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