PCs who arrested Sale man nominated for national bravery award

PCs Jack Ginger, Jessica Hamblett and Richard Hayes

Three officers who chased a gunman from Sale “at significant risk to their own wellbeing” have been nominated for a national bravery award.

PCs Jack Ginger, Jessica Hamblett and Richard Hayes (pictured above), from Greater Manchester Police (GMP), were on patrol when they heard what they believed to be gunfire in Harpurhey in March 2021. The trio received the Bravery Award at the Chief Constable’s Annual Awards Ceremony last year, but have now been nominated at the National Police Bravery Awards too. 

The officers were on patrol in Harpurhey in North Manchester when they saw Mohammed Shabaz Rafiq, of Wharf Road in Sale, acting suspiciously. When investigating, they heard a bang, believed to have been a gunshot. 

They then chased the suspect, who had concealed a handgun in a bin liner.

In July last year, Rafiq was sentenced to five years in prison after admitting possession of a gun at Manchester Crown Court.

Lee Broadbent, the force’s police federation chairman, said the officers had been “exceptionally brave”.

“What a tremendous trio of colleagues. We are proud of their work. The actions of Jack, Jessica and Richard in pursuing a man who was armed with a firearm, which they believed had just been discharged, was exceptionally brave.

“The officers acted fast to detain this man and prevent any harm to members of the public, at significant risk to their own wellbeing.

“Not only was the suspect apprehended, but their excellent commentary during the pursuit directed other officers to support, and the subsequent scene management ensured the recovery of the weapon and other important evidence.

“The actions of these officers has brought a very high-risk individual into custody, which will have had a significant impact on protecting and reassuring the local community.”

The awards ceremony will be held in London in July.

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