Hidden Sale: Everyone Can – The charity working to make gaming more accessible for disabled people

Everyone Can holds gaming sessions for children and adults [image: Everyone Can]
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If we could give a recommendation to anybody walking through Sale town centre it would be: look up. Because you never know what you might see! 

For example, you might spot Everyone Can, located one floor up on School Road – a Sale-based charity working to make gaming more accessible for disabled people.

Everyone Can, School Road Sale – look up! [image: Katy Ratican]

Research shows that two-thirds of disabled people still face barriers, so the charity works with both children and adults to bring together people who might otherwise be excluded via virtual worlds and in-person gaming sessions. 

Through Everyone Can’s free sessions, rather than visitors feeling unable to play the games and become isolated, the team at Everyone Can ensure that games are available for those with different disabilities. 

The charity’s assistive technology and gaming centre contains equipment including huge screens, VR stations and driving rigs – and it also has a relaxing area available for parents and carers to chat over a hot drink while children are playing. 

Everyone Can helps kids who find it difficult to fit in [image: Everyone Can]

What is assistive technology?

Assistive Technology is the term given to any technology which can assist or help a disabled person with their everyday tasks and challenges. For example, it can involve downloading some software that can control the light switches or home alarm system, a programme that can assist with speech or a piece of hardware that will make controlling a computer easier. 

Everyone Can has been able to transform the lives of hundreds of disabled people by matching them with the best-suited and most innovative assistive technology

Technology and gaming have the potential to improve and enrich the lives of disabled people. It can help build relationships and lower social isolation as the game takes primary focus. Everyone Can is working hard to bring this opportunity to more children and adults in the local area and beyond.

Everyone Can holds regularly gaming sessions at their centre in Sale [image: Everyone Can]

How can you help? 

As a charity, Everyone Can is always looking for new opportunities to raise funds for its gaming centre. If you are a local business, why not pick Everyone Can as your charity of the year or plan a fundraiser? Individuals can also donate quickly and easily online

So next time you’re walking down School Road: look up! 

Everyone Can, Floor 1, 25 School Road, Sale M33 7XX

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