SHUFFLE: Interactive dance performance that celebrates club culture

Two dancers in a nightclub setting. A male supports a female as she leans backwards. Each are in their mid-20s and of dual heritage. By Esther Lewis Smith

Part performance, part game, Shuffle is an interactive dance performance that casts the audience as voting clubgoers. Based on the chance play order of an iPod Shuffle and highlighting the call and response relationship between the club dance floor and the DJ, Shuffle is a new interactive dance work that invites the audience to vote for sections to shuffle or rewind.

Combining dynamic hip hop and street dance forms from three thrilling dance artists and a dance floor soundtrack, Shuffle takes us on a time-bending trip through a night out, presenting moments whose order and length are selected by the audience.

Three dancers in a nightclub setting. A male and a female both kneel on the ground. Behind them a dancer raises his leg high. Each is in their mid-20s and of dual heritage. By Ibolya Feher.

Designed around the iconography of club culture, Shuffle reflects the ‘in the moment’ experiences we build together with friends and with strangers on the dance floor. Interruptible and interactive, each performance is unique to the audience’s response. 

Born from a desire to find different ways for people to help shape dance performance, Shuffle requires no expertise. There’s no learning of dance moves, no potential to feel self-conscious, no right or wrong way to vote and no complicated app to download. Just be ready to play along and trust the DJ. 

Incorporating the skill and ‘liveness’ of dance battle improvisation, Shuffle showcases three young artists drawn from the hip hop, commercial and social dance scenes – Chiara ‘Mash’ Saporito, Frankie Johnson and Lewis Norman – with a repertoire of house dance, popping, waacking, vogue and contemporary under the direction of renowned choreographer, Lea Anderson (The Cholmondeleys & The Featherstoneaughs). 

The top halves of three dancers in a night club setting. Two males are on either side of a female, each in their mid-20s and of dual heritage. By Esther Lewis Smith

In a time that’s left us craving connection with others, Shuffle is a show all about the irrepressible urge to gather, to dance and to share moments with strangers.

Shuffle comes to the Waterside on Saturday 1st October. Show starts at 7.30pm and tickets cost £12/£10.

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Headline image by Esther Lewis Smith.

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