The Hunt for the Silver Killer by David Collins: Is there a Cheshire serial killer on the loose?

The Hunt for the Silver Killer book event
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Fans of true-crime stories will be clambering for tickets to an upcoming book event at B for Butterfly Books later this month. 

The Hunt for the Silver Killer by David Collins details the true story of two coroner’s officers who found evidence of a serial killer at work in Wilmslow, Cheshire. It’s a murder mystery like no other and makes the case that it’s time for the police to reopen the files on the mysterious killings. 

David Collins, an investigative reporter and northern editor at the Sunday Times, comes to Sale’s Emporium M33 on Wednesday 29th June to talk about his new book, The Hunt for the Silver Killer: The Shocking True Story of a Murderer who Remains at Large.

David first heard about the cases when he received a call during the first coronavirus lockdown in April 2020. It was from a source about a confidential report by Stephanie Davies, the senior coroner’s officer for Cheshire Police. She had led a team of civilian staff investigating sudden and unexpected deaths in Cheshire.

Following a long investigation by the Sunday Times Insight team, David Collins is finally able to tell the truly unique story of a string of murder-suicides in the north west and poses the terrifying question: are they the work of a serial killer who has been operating undetected since the mid-nineties?

To book your ticket to this not-to-be-missed event, email

Tickets include entry and a welcome drink: £5 without book, £19 including a copy of The Hunt for the Silver Killer.

About David Collins 

David Collins is one of the UK’s most respected investigative reporters. In 2011, he became the youngest journalist in the history of the British Press Awards to win News Reporter of the Year for helping police convict the serial killer Levi Bellfield for the murder of Milly Dowler.

He joined the Sunday Times Insight team as an investigative reporter in 2015. He is currently northern correspondent for the Sunday Times and is based in Manchester.

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