Levelling Up funding delayed by Tory leadership contest

Trafford Town Hall
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Communities cannot bid for ‘Levelling Up’ funds because the government website for applications is still not available – over six weeks after it was supposed to launch.

Labour’s Lisa Nandy is warning that “government has ground to a halt” and communities including Trafford are being held back while the Conservative Party is distracted by its leadership contest.

The online portal through which local councils can bid for money from the Levelling Up Fund was supposed to go live on 31st May, but it is still not available over six weeks later. Gov.uk says only that the portal “will be opened as soon as possible”.

In response, Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Shadow Levelling Up Secretary, said:

“While Tory leadership candidates parade around Westminster doing their best Margaret Thatcher impersonations, government has ground to a halt.

“For over a decade the Conservatives have stripped money from our communities. Now they expect those same communities to wait even longer for just a partial refund. If only they put the same effort into levelling up as they put into trying to advance their own careers.

“We can no longer afford the chaos, distraction and self-indulgence of this Conservative Party. We need a fresh start with a Labour government that will deliver, and that will match the ambition that we have for ourselves and our communities.”

We reported last month that Trafford Council is seeking up to £46m to improve Sale town centre, as well as upgrading the borough’s cultural offer. 

This bid has been delayed because of the Government’s failure to open the fund for applications in line with its promised timetable.

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